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The danger of vanity metrics

The issue with vanity metrics is that they just don’t tell us that much, and they don’t matter nearly as much as one might think. They only serve to detail the current state of an activity, but present no insight into how that state was obtained or what measures should be taken.

oprah award lego

Lego shows PRs how to ace the Oscars 2015

Lego aced the Oscars 2015 last night in terms of brand coverage thanks to its stunt with Lego oscar statues appearing in the hands of every celeb from Oprah to.

mobile pr CIPRsm

Trends: mobile pr

How does mobile affect public relations? How does mobile journalism impact our approach to media relations? What can internal comms pros do to benefit from this trend? The CIPR’s social.


Why everyone should care about Google+ u-turn on privacy

Like the majority of people in their twenties, I praise myself for always being up-to-date with the latest trends, which of course includes phone and apps. And trust me, I do have lot of social networking apps.


Predicting the future of digital health with the PM Society

Last week, my colleague Beth Williams and I were very excited to take part in a special launch event for this year’s PM Society Digital Media Awards. The Ruder Finn.


Ruder Finn’s top five tips for newsjacking on Twitter

Attempting to hijack a current news story is as old as the PR profession itself, and even though we’re in an age of social media, the skills required are still.


All You Need Is: Your weekly digital dose of news

Are you an iPhone or Android person? Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter? Coffee or tea? Cats or dogs? We’ve got something for lovers of all of the above in.


Paris Brown’s resignation shows why Tweeting teenagers should beware of their digital footprint.

How would you judge yourself if you read back every thought and written outpouring you made as a teenager? There’d probably be a fair bit of cringing, embarrassment and, on.


ALL YOU NEED IS… – Facebook: Everything You Didn’t Know You Needed To Know About The King Of Social.

Ever thought about how many times a day you say the words love, food or work? Now think about how many times you say the word Facebook. Facebook seems to.


5 ways to kill creativity in a brief

1. Include the words “In 100 words or less….describe your creative idea”… 2. Request responses to be contained within an excel spreadsheet… 3. Send ideas to procurement at first stage….