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Virtual reality marketing: time to join the real world

The age of virtual reality (VR) is at last upon us. In fact, there’s every chance we are already living inside a VR simulation – at least, that’s what Elon Musk thinks.


Five trademark names you thought were generic names

There are legally protected trademarks out there whose names are used routinely by consumers to refer to all the products in its corresponding category. The most commonly used examples of this include, Biro, the name Société Bic uses for what is officially called a ballpoint pen; and Hoover, the name that officially describes vacuum cleaners made by The Hoover Company.

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How to run a content audit

How to run a content audit Every company, regardless of size, has a right old mish mash of content these days.  Some amazingly good, well thought out, beautifully designed and measured.

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Technology for Marketers: Are you Engaging Effectively?

Technology has changed a lot over the past ten years – stating the obvious here, but in the fast-moving world of technology, PR and marketing has had to adapt as well.


ALL YOU NEED IS – Make them smile if you want them to buy

Is video really the future of marketing? Video consumption around world is growing at a stellar rate, but despite the huge volume of video out there, we are becoming increasingly.


What the redesigned Facebook news feed means for brands

Facebook’s new soon-to-be-rolled-out news feed was unveiled yesterday and it looked more than a little familiar. In fact, users of Google Plus might have been forgiven for thinking their network.


Is the BBC giving free advertising to Coke?

You may not have heard it, or it may not have clicked yet, but the “Wavin’ Flag (The Celebration Mix)” by K’nann is a huge plug for Coke and because.


Campaign ads – the best and worst. Part two – political ads

This is the follow up post to the advocacy ads blog I posted yesterday. The vast majority of these ads are from the USA and generally from Republicans. Like them.


Campaign ads – the best and the worst. Part one – advocacy ads

In response to the Robin Hood Tax ad, which is one of the best campaigning ads I have seen for a while, I thought I would post some historically very.


They call me mellow yellow….

I was interested to read an article that appeared yesterday in the New York Times discussing Gap’s new marketing push. According the NYT, in recent years Gap has been struggling.