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3 Challenges Health Wearables Need to Overcome in 2015

Limited adoption of wearables devices is still an issue. So what are the key challenges wearable tech need to overcome to achieve widespread use in 2015?


Predicting the future of digital health with the PM Society

Last week, my colleague Beth Williams and I were very excited to take part in a special launch event for this year’s PM Society Digital Media Awards. The Ruder Finn.


INSIDE mhealth: mHealth set to save US healthcare system from breakdown

Want stay up to date with the rapidly changing world of mHealth? INSIDE mHealth is the monthly round up from Ruder Finn that lets you do just that by delivering.


Ruder Finn Healthcare and Digital Health offerings continue to grow with exciting new hires

Things are moving fast in Healthcare at Ruder Finn, and we’re hiring some great people. Becky McMichael, our Head of Strategy and Innovation, tweeted last week about Stephen Davies (above.


ALL YOU NEED IS – Samsung’s new phone is a galaxy of fitness and health.

Ever heard of mobile healthcare? Big tech companies have and believe it’ll revolutionise the way we conceive and manage our fitness and wellbeing. Mobile Healthcare, also know as mHealth, consists.


Digital Health: Walking the walk at Ruder Finn

Last week we gave everybody in the Ruder Finn UK office wireless activity and sleep trackers. Fitbits. I don’t think that’s anything new. We are far from the first company.