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Top tips to unleash your creativity, from Ruder Finn Creative Director, Stuart Mayell

Working in a world where innovation is so prized, it is vital to know how to come up with consistently good ideas.


Two ways in which technology is helping to facilitate creativity. Plus this week’s digital round up.

What happened to the painters, the carpenters and the candle stick makers? One of the interesting debates of the century regards the relationship between technological advancement and creativity. People can be so wrapped up in their tech devices that they no longer have the time or the desire to be creative. The idea is that these technological advancements have inebriated our creative inclinations. Or have they?

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Three useful tips to get your creative juices flowing

Don’t think you are creative? Creativity is a concept indolently confined to the arts. However, thinking that some people are creative and others are not is a misconception.Here are a few tips on how to stay creative…


Where are all the good online ads?

eBay Advertising yesterday launched some research about European online shopping habits and people’s receptiveness to online advertising and this truly got me thinking. Not about the research per se –.


The day after the day before

With the extensive digital elements to Obama’s campaign, it is no wonder that his inauguration was chronicled so extensively online.  From blanket coverage on ‘traditional media’ websites, to the informal.