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Novartis Vaccines: Meningitis Keep Watching


Through the Meningitis Keep Watching campaign we pioneered one of the pharma industries first interactive Facebook campaigns with two-way dialogue and facilitated the first large-scale collaboration between Novartis and the three main meningitis charities in a multi-channel consumer health campaign.

This disease awareness campaign was centred on the message that children are not protected against all forms of meningitis and included a partnership with a production company to make an AWARD WINNING FILM as the centre piece for the campaign which was shown in mother and baby events at cinemas and promoted online and on TV.

The film has been viewed by over 6.6 MILLION PARENTS and awareness that ‘children are not protected against all types of meningitis’ rose from 32% to 82% during the campaign period. The content and creative has reached over 250,000 PEOPLE VIA FACEBOOK with the Facebook page gaining 15,000 fans in six months and coverage generated from 30 leading UK parent bloggers.