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IMGroup: social media in retail


In today’s hyper-competitive tech scene even the best organisations can struggle to get noticed.

To increase awareness of the multiple award-winning data insight and information management consultancy, IMGROUP, Ruder Finn looked to hook into industry issues and the existing notoriety of major brands with IMGROUP’s target verticals.

The data and insights team at Ruder Finn UK combined their technology and analytics skills to develop a framework that assessed how successfully the top 10 UK banks and retailers were using social media – in this case Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google Plus – for customer service and engagement.

The result was in-depth reports analysing the relevant metrics and assessing the overall performance of each of the UK’s top 10 banks and retailers across their main social channels, before ranking them by the overall effectiveness of their engagement and customer service on social media.

The report was covered by 25 media outlets including key financial, retail and marketing titles and generated over 600,000 impressions on social media, reaching across five countries. An innovative and successful example of how monitoring and insights can deliver value to brands and help crafting a powerful PR story.