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The UK Sepsis Trust organised a cycling rally from Scotland to Westminster with the aim of raising awareness around sepsis and the need for better standards of care. However they had a limited social media foot print and we were unable to directly access their social media channels so could only direct the campaign from behind the scenes.

We leveraged the cycle rally to build awareness both online and offline and provided social media guidance, monitoring and strategies for several channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. A combined team of Ruder Finn’s digital, healthcare and public affairs consultants engaged online communities, parliamentarians and the media to increase awareness across the board and reach an audience well beyond The UK Sepsis Trust’s initial following base.

We set up an official hashtag for the rally (#cycleforsepsis) to enable The UK Sepsis Trust to lead the online conversation and measure the impact of the campaign and this was used 2,212 times during the campaign reaching an estimated two million people worldwide. 12% of the usual annual conversation about sepsis was generated over the 6 days the cycle for sepsis campaign was running.

The campaign also mobilised several highly influential people to raise awareness including journalists, bloggers, MPs and media medics. The Facebook page grew by over 300% during the time RF was working for The Sepsis UK Trust from 357 likes to 1,177 and Facebook content reached an estimated 83,299 Facebook users during the campaign.

The reach of social content increased by over 9000% during the campaign and the level of engagement on the Facebook page was 45 times higher compared to the previous period.

We exceeded all client expectations, over-hit all targets and provided our client with a much broader and more engaged community for future campaigns.