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Astra Zeneca: Culture Jam

50,000 voices coming together as one

We partnered with AstraZeneca to help engage its entire global workforce to define the future direction of the company.

But how do you collect and harness the thoughts, views and ideas of over 50,000 people, spread over 100 countries and turn them into a movement for change?

We held a culture jam – 72-hour online event in which we inspired more than 34,000 employees from 100 countries to come together and discuss the culture and purpose, debate the new values and define the future of the company alongside their peers and the Senior Executive Team (SET).

Culture jam delivered a number of transformational outputs for AstraZenca . Three major initiatives were put in place immediately, numerous other workstreams were created and a strong connection has been made between the company’s employees and its values.

> The integrated communications campaign spanned intranet, email, out of home, community and social
> The jam took place over 3 days

> 25,000 community posts
> 3,700 UGC threads
> 92% understand AZ’s five values following the jam
> 86% said they now feel able to bring the values to life in their daily role
> 74% said see others bringing the values to life everyday