Showcasing the exciting early science flowing from AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca’s purpose is to push the boundaries of science to deliver life-changing medicines. This all starts in the IMED Biotech Unit, where the company invests $1bn a year on early stage discovery and drug development.

IMED’s Annual Review provides a window on this science, and the achievements of 2,500 scientists. It’s an internal and external benchmark, but such documents can become mere lists of science and stats. Ruder Finn used a storytelling approach to cement the IMED scientific reputation and show the impact the unit was having on the future of AstraZeneca.

Using our six-step ‘D6’ development methodology we worked in a totally integrated way to address both editorial and design. The result was a 140 page annual review, designed and written in just six weeks. Printed copies of the report were sent to more than 2,000 stakeholders across the company, and externally to academia and leading research and development organisations and institutes. You can see the Annual Review here.


weeks – time needed to copywrite and design report


pages – length of finished IMED Annual Review

The Ruder Finn team quickly grasped the size and complexity of this project and from day one added exceptional value, making a wealth of complex science content accessible for multiple audiences.