Daiichi Sankyo Marketing Academy

Designing and implementing a change management program to help Daiichi Sankyo Europe (DSE) become more customer-centric, scooping a PM Society Digital Award in the process.

Ruder Finn initiated the project by assessing the specific training required by each market and division through surveys and questionnaires. The extensive training materials developed included a mixture of best practice, case studies, real-life scenarios, step-by-step process learning and multimedia content.
The DSE custom multi-channel marketing launch programme was designed from the ground-up using an innovative mix of learning methods, including video, e-learning, quizzes and live virtual classes.
The program has been rolled out to over 190 employees across multiple markets in Europe, with all associated materials translated into local languages.
The learning of trainees was tracked through self-assessment quizzes and feedback forms, which allowed further support to be tailored towards individuals as necessary.

The change management program that Ruder Finn implemented has fundamentally changed the way our company engages with our customers. We’re now much more integrated in our multichannel approach, which is clearly showing in the highly impactful campaigns our teams are now delivering across Europe.

Susanne Kellenaers, Director of Multichannel, DSE