Welcome to the second of four blogs in our series, where this time we’re focusing on how best to use Twitter for your business and we’ll be sharing some simple tips that you can implement to maximise your engagement.

With more than 330 million monthly active users, Twitter is a powerful social networking tool and search engine ideal for both B2C and B2B businesses. For many, the platform is essential for customer engagement, lead generation, business updates, news sharing, PR announcements, crisis communication and much more.

The following steps can help you make the most out of the platform, but remember that Twitter is extremely fluid, so a great content strategy is one that is constantly adapting and improving.

Every element of your profile should reflect your business identity

You want your followers to automatically recognise your profile. Customise your profile with a Twitter handle, logo, URL, colours and any other recognisable detail. Include the most relevant keywords in your bio and choose them wisely to ensure it successfully reflects who you are as a company. You can make your profile even more attractive by pinning your greatest or most relevant tweets to the top of your profile.

Keep your tweets short and sweet

Twitter is all about conversation and the lifespan of a tweet is very brief. Tweets can contain up to 280 characters but it has been found that tweets with less than 100 characters can get 17% more engagement. Aim to keep every tweet focused on one specific message, rather than trying to communicate multiple ideas. However, if you have more to say, you can link to another source or even start a tweet thread. It’s important to avoid posting/reposting controversial opinion tweets as this can backfire and create a backlash against your business.

Incorporate hashtags

Hashtags are a way to find information, keep up to date around specific subjects and tap into relevant conversations. A great way to approach hashtags is to think of them as SEO for Twitter. When creating your own hashtag, make sure it’s memorable and unique to your business or campaign, so your followers can easily find your content. Importantly, don’t overuse them! Tweets with more than two hashtags can see a 17% decrease in engagement than those with one or two.

Interact with your followers

Engaging with your followers is crucial for your business and great for brand credibility. This will create a sense of brand loyalty and will keep your followers coming back. Retweeting relevant content and replying to tweets is a great way to maintain a robust Twitter presence. Furthermore, asking questions is an effective way to interact and gather feedback, however, if any complex issues arise, revert to direct messages to resolve them.

Use eye-catching content

Where possible, try to use images, GIFs or video to provide a personal and engaging element in your post. Tweets with videos are likely to get an average of six times the amount of engagement than tweets without them and they have been shown to improve brand sentiment. For effective videos, it’s a good idea to keep them short, include your company’s logo, and add subtitles so people don’t need to listen with headphones.

Use analytics to see what’s working and what’s not

Twitter analytics is valuable to all businesses. It can help you get a better understanding of what your audience likes the most about your company and which content is helping your business grow. Analytics can also determine the best times to tweet and analyse your followers based on demographics, language and more. Three useful areas to track include:

  • Impressions = the total number of times any user could have potentially seen your brand’s name or tweet
  • Reach = the number of users who saw an impression of your tweet on their timeline
  • Engagement = a Twitter user’s interaction with another user e.g. mentions, retweets, new followers etc.

Look out for our third blog which will cover Facebook! If you need support on integrating Twitter or other social media channels into your business, we’d love to hear from you.