Welcome to the first of four blogs in our series, where we’ll outline some B2B best practices and tips on using the core social platforms.

This first blog focuses on LinkedIn, which is deemed as the largest social network for professionals. LinkedIn is designed for those wanting to network with comparable professionals and is a great platform to open doors to opportunities that you may not have been aware of.

In order to maximise the benefits that LinkedIn can offer, here are 10 simple steps to follow:

  • Create a compelling LinkedIn profile

Your company profile represents a big opportunity to establish your brand – take the time to write an insightful summary that best describes what your company does, and its potential appeal. Make sure to highlight the services you offer and importantly, companies with a logo image see up to six times more traffic to their page than those without.

  • Make your page SEO-friendly

Aim for close to 100% completeness on your profile and use relevant keyword-rich sentences in your description to maximise your page for search engine optimisation (SEO). Where possible, encourage others to link to your page – this could be by asking your employees to follow and add your company to their current work experience.

  • Publish valuable content

The main purpose of your content should be to inform and influence. Educational content is particularly successful, and this works to build your brand’s credibility. Publishing articles on the LinkedIn publishing platform is also a great way to expand your reach and share more in-depth expertise.

  • Employees are your biggest advocates

Encourage others in your company to share or create content to post. Not only does this give you more content, but it also humanises your brand and taps into each of their networks, expanding your reach and potentially driving more leads.

  • Include visually rich media

Most of us process information based on what we see. Make your content stand out from the crowd by incorporating visuals, videos or infographics to liven up your profile and engage the reader – video is five times more likely to spark a conversation than any other type of content shared on LinkedIn.

  • Share content regularly

Aim to publish fresh content one to two times per week – companies that post weekly can double the engagement with their content. As B2B networking is different from more general social networking, a good time to post on LinkedIn is during the working day on Tuesday through to Thursday.

  • Tag strategically

If you quote or mention an influential person in your content, tag them by placing the “@” symbol in front of their name. They may repost your content and not only will this endorse your company, but it helps to reinforce the influencer’s reputation.

  • Use LinkedIn groups

Joining industry-specific or relevant LinkedIn groups gives you an avenue to share content, spark discussions, and ask or answer questions. Being an active participant can help you and your business connect with other professionals and boost your company’s name and online reputation.

  • Paid ads

There are different LinkedIn advertising options, designed to meet your needs and goals, including Sponsored InMail, Text Advertisements, and Sponsored Updates. These ads allow you to target your audience based on the wide breadth of demographic data and help to drive awareness and leads.

  • Monitor your progress with Analytics

From your company page, click on the Analytics tab. This tool helps you to learn what kind of content your followers are most likely to engage with, and tracks traffic and activity. Useful metrics to track include engagement, traffic metrics and visitor updates and demographics.

Keep an eye out for our second blog which will cover Twitter best practices and tips! If you need support on integrating LinkedIn or other social media channels into your business, we’d love to hear from you.