As an Account Executive in the Internal Communications and Engagement team I often have to write copy for everything from social media posts to animations. I recently attended a masterclass in copywriting and proofreading to help me understand the structure behind writing good content and to teach me techniques that I will use throughout my career. Here’s three things I learned.

Draft before you craft

Before you can begin to write you need a plan. The first thing to do is identify the purpose of your piece, who your audience are and why they want to read it. This helps to guide your tone of voice, length and style. You can then start to outline your piece. These first steps are important to guide the rest of your writing and ensure you don’t lose your point.

Get the fundamentals right

Ensuring your work has the 4Cs is vital for any piece of work. That means making sure your writing is Clear, Compelling, Concise and Correct;

  • Clear: Get straight to the point
  • Compelling: Grab your readers attention
  • Concise: Keep your sentences short
  • Correct: Get your facts, spelling and grammar right.

You should have these in mind throughout your piece and then complete a final checklist, amending any areas that you’ve missed.

Keep it simple

The best writing is easy to understand, so keep it simple. Avoid jargon that can confuse readers, and cut the clutter from your copy, don’t use 20 words where you only need 10.

The main things I learned from this course were to be clear who you are writing for and why, resist the temptation to show off your vocabulary and to triple check your piece has good spelling and grammar.

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