The importance of company values lies not only in setting out what you stand for as an employer, but also in encouraging these behaviours in employees. This gives people a sense of purpose and accountability, and, in turn, defines the company culture.

Having worked with our clients to shape, communicate and promote their values and behaviours, we decided it was time to turn the light on ourselves.

So, we recently held our first ever Values Week. The aim? To remind us of our company values and highlight their importance, bringing them to the forefront of who we are and what we do, every single day… cue Values Week!

Each day a member of our team wrote about what a value meant to them. Here’s what we learned:

  1. Monday: Loyalty

Loyalty means staying true to the things you believe in and backing the people who believe in you. Loyalty should be given out sparingly – it’s a valuable currency to be spent on the people and things that are truly important to you.

Robin Grainger, Director of Connected Communications, says:

“Loyalty emphasises relationships over actions and tasks. Reflecting on loyalty encourages us to take a step back and consider the bigger picture.”

  1. Tuesday: Bravery

We need bravery to challenge ourselves, challenge others, and challenge the status quo. Growth is often not a painless endeavour and it certainly isn’t a fearless one. It takes bravery to reach beyond what we know – but in doing so, we can find something great.

Jem Gregory, Director – Internal Communications, says:

“Being brave is about getting out of your comfort zone and taking risks. It’s disagreeing with the easy option – the thing we’ve always done – and suggesting a new way of working.”

  1. Wednesday: Curiosity

Exceeding our clients’ expectations comes from being curious and asking: “what can we do better this time?” It’s up to us to show the alternative solutions. We work creatively to get the most out of our clients’ requests, always pushing to deliver the best work we possibly can.

Lee Manning, Head of Design, says:

“Curious people ask questions, read, research and explore, actively seeking information or experiences, delving deeper into the ‘whos, whats and whys’, and inevitably broadening our horizons.”

  1. Thursday: Tenacity

Tenacity is arguably the key trait among all innovators, entrepreneurs, and professional problem solvers. But tenacity is not just about persistence and working long, hard hours; it’s also about patience, creativity, analytical thinking, and having an open mind when approaching new problems.

Sarah Brennan, Director – Healthcare, says:

“Failing is tough. No one wants to fail. The truth is that we probably learn the most when we do. For me this is what tenacity is all about – being willing to challenge yourself and persevere to get the best results.”

  1. Friday: Honesty

When working with a team, honesty and trust need to be the foundational layer. We trust each other to work together for a common purpose and – perhaps most importantly – we communicate honestly to make sure we’re aligned in what that purpose is.

At Ruder Finn, we try to give honest and constructive feedback to help each other grow and develop, so we can keep improving at what we do.

Salonie Jaghy, Head of Finance, says:

“Honesty is an important value because it’s about being truthful to yourself and others. Honesty comes hand in hand with integrity and is a core ethical principle in our work.”

Having values is crucial to company success: values help us to consider each other; stay creative; demonstrate resilience; and work together to achieve common goals. And although we inherently share these values as a group, having a week dedicated to them highlighted what we’re capable of achieving together – especially when we focus on the values that are most important to us as an agency.

If you’d like us to help you communicate your company values, please get in touch. Drop us a line at – we’d love to hear from you.

By Lucy Buck and the Values Week team