In my last instalment on graduate job hunting, I shared my thoughts on how perseverance, drive and an open mind can lead you into the perfect start to your career. As I touched upon, my experience of landing my graduate role here at Ruder Finn was a pretty swift process, but another big change was my rather sudden relocation to London.

Relocating is a momentous life change, regardless of where you’re going or why. It’s unnerving, it’s exciting and nearly everything is new. You’re leaving somewhere which you’re familiar with and moving somewhere new. Where you live is (typically) the place in the world where you are most comfortable: you know your surroundings like the back of your hand, the nearest cash point, your favourite food spot, the closest supermarket.

Moving away for University is often your first time living on your own, without your parents. The independence you gain from that experience is beneficial if you’re looking to move again after University – except this time, you won’t be living with friends and you will be working full-time – it’s just a different dynamic.

I grew up in South East England in Newbury, Berkshire – nice place, but for my ambitions, not a lot going on. I moved to Brighton for University, which at just over a two-hour drive away, wasn’t a huge shock. Brighton is relatively small, but as a city, it’s a lot more fast paced than a suburban town. When it came to graduation day, and the next step in my future, I needed to make a big leap.

London had always been an option for me – I loved the idea of living in a bigger city, somewhere new, that had plenty of places for me to explore, but it depended on the right role. The process of moving first started with the job search in London; I wouldn’t be searching and interviewing in London if I wasn’t looking to move. I was applying and all I knew, was that if the right job offer came, I would be happy to move then and there.

I’ve recently moved to East London and even though I’ve visited London too many times to count before my relocation, I’m truly discovering everything that surrounds me. To some it may be intimidating, but to others like myself, it’s so exciting. There’s a lot more going on around me than ever before and that’s just one of the many things, that’s great about London.

Ruder Finn’s location is a 20-minute commute away from my flat, which those who commute will know is pretty easy going. The office has great transport links, one-minute walk away from Moorgate underground station and a three-minute walk away from Liverpool Street station, is surrounded by great food, great bars and within walking distance of some fan-favourites landmarks such as Spitalfields market, Heron Tower and St. Pauls.

So that’s my journey. From being a weary grad, not knowing what the future may bring, to a professional, living and working in London. Even though this is only the start of my career, I already see myself developing my skills in my role here at Ruder Finn, and my relocation has really added to this too instilling me with confidence for my future endeavours.

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