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Do communications professions really ‘get’ their audience?

When you consider that support for Hilary Clinton and Britain’s continuing membership of the EU were strongest in urban, metropolitan areas, where most creative industries are based, we have to accept that much of our target audience (59m Trump supporters and 17.4m Brexiteers) and even some of our colleagues and clients might just hold a world view radically different from our own.


What does WhatsApp’s new privacy policy mean for more than one billion users worldwide?

Yesterday, it was announced that mobile messaging service WhatsApp will be giving parent company Facebook, the personal information (including phone numbers) of over a billion users’ as part of plans to “…test ways for people to communicate with businesses in the months ahead.”

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The LGBTIQ community (and allies) is one powerful voice, and here are the numbers to prove it

#lovewillwin is what I keep telling myself and posting on social media since the devastating Orlando attack targeting the LGBTIQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and questioning) community. The past.


Storytelling: how leading organisations are turning internal communications upside down (and how others can do the same)

Communicators of all stripes are fond of buzzword bingo, and ‘storytelling’ is one that has been bandied around more than most over the past year or two.  In many cases,.


The danger of vanity metrics

The issue with vanity metrics is that they just don’t tell us that much, and they don’t matter nearly as much as one might think. They only serve to detail the current state of an activity, but present no insight into how that state was obtained or what measures should be taken.


The digital storage debate

Whilst the exciting prospect of permanence in data storage seems within our reach, for now, should we be storing all of our information digitally?


Why your ‘influencers’ aren’t just important to your external campaigns…

One of the key mistakes that companies make when it comes to internal communications is to overlook their influencers, instead looking for a “catch all” engagement strategy that produces quantity not quality when it comes to results.


Two ways in which technology is helping to facilitate creativity. Plus this week’s digital round up.

What happened to the painters, the carpenters and the candle stick makers? One of the interesting debates of the century regards the relationship between technological advancement and creativity. People can be so wrapped up in their tech devices that they no longer have the time or the desire to be creative. The idea is that these technological advancements have inebriated our creative inclinations. Or have they?

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Is Apple Music a force to be reckoned with?

Apple launched their music-streaming platform this week, named Apple Music. They were “late to the party” but will this impact the success of the platform?


Has tech made us unable to understand our needs? – And other digital news from this week you need know…

Just when you think you have everything you need, a digital solution to a previously unobserved problem presents itself. This is a system that’s particularly common in the mobile application world.