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Will 2017 be the year of ‘IC believers’?

Reading the headline you might be thinking: ‘I wonder who IC believers are’. I will circle back to this shortly, but first let me share one of my favourite quotes with you. It is from a Greek philosopher, Heraclitus and it goes like this: “Change is the only constant.”

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The Ruder Finn Report: Taking internal communications out of its comfort zone

In 2016 we surveyed 100 internal communications (IC) professionals from a variety of industries, geographies, organisational structures and job functions. The survey revealed some of the key challenges faced by IC professionals today and explored the cumulative impact of these factors on the delivery of truly effective communications campaigns.

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Step out of your comfort zone – giving internal communications the impact it deserves

Across the board we found that despite their best efforts, communicators are operating firmly within their comfort zone when it comes to Internal Communications.

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Win or lose, we’ll still be brave

Tonight we go to Communiqué where we are shortlisted for Healthcare Communications Consultancy of the Year. I will be very inebriated.


Can one size (really) fit all? – 3 tips to consider when writing a global message

’One size fits all’ is part of our every days: from the clothes we wear through the train seats we book to the messages we receive.


So you want to be a writer? 5 rules to live by

It can be easy to slip into bad habits or forget some of the basics, particularly if deadlines are short and the topic is new.

So what simple rules can help to keep you on track? Here are five tips I find useful when drafting content.


Storytelling: how leading organisations are turning internal communications upside down (and how others can do the same)

Communicators of all stripes are fond of buzzword bingo, and ‘storytelling’ is one that has been bandied around more than most over the past year or two.  In many cases,.