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A Note on the Type

Typefaces are one of our most powerful tools for conveying personality. They evoke gut reactions and tell stories. So what does the typeface your brand uses say about your business?


Do you do a to-do list?

I admit it. I am a list maker. They bring order to the myriad of things I need to ensure I get done on a daily basis.


Five key things PRs embarking on their first video campaign need to know

  So how important is using video for PR campaigns in 2015? According to Matthew Schwartz, the group editor of PR News, consumers watched almost double the branded videos in.


The ultimate list of Instagram accounts for PRs – #instaspiration4PRs

We’re constantly plugged-in with what’s going on in the world and most importantly we try to stay constantly inspired. So I’ve created a list of Instagram accounts to help PR professionals stay inspired, motivated, creative and positive while dealing with their busy schedule.


Web design for PR? Read the rules first

Here’s our latest Slideshare presentation on the web design for PR rules. More and more PR people are being thrown into the world of creative and web design with little.


our new website

Some of you may notice we’ve had a bit of a spruce up at Chateau Finn. Well, it was about time.

We’ve gone for a simple parallax site that is heavily focused on our portfolio of work and client services. We love it, hope you do too.

Metric, intuition

Is intuition dead?

Do we measure ourselves out of good ideas? Does our audience data give us a bum steer? And in the post-Steve Jobs world, are we assuming the public knows what.


the art of feedback

When you’re working on a busy, creative campaign, there are several points along the way when feedback is really crucial from a number of people.

One of the most common roadblocks that delays campaigns (often costing £££ and squeezing time and quality to deliver) is when key audiences misunderstand what they are being asked to do. Often through no fault of their own.

We’ve all sat through meetings where a poor creative is waiting for feedback on a hard sweated over concept and some eejit focuses on a typo….

…here are 5 things to consider when you’re asked for feedback:


award winning digital health campaigns – what is the recipe?

Here’s a presentation we gave to PMLive a couple of weeks ago about our Meningitis Keep Watching campaign.  The integrated campaign won many awards and we have tried to summarise.


creative juices and how to keep them flowing

The fabulous Brain Pickings site ran a piece on the ten steps of the creative process recently and it’s definitely permeated our skulls.  1.    The Hunch Any project starts with a.