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Now hiring: Single White Males need only apply

A friend of mine once went for an interview with a hedge fund – she got the job – and between her interview and starting, got engaged. On her first day, one of the people who had interviewed her said: “You didn’t have that ring on in your interview”. It wasn’t a congratulatory remark and cue the comments women get about whether they’ll go off and have children.

She’s not alone in this experience. This week Spanish airline Iberia was in the news because it’s been fined for making female job candidates take a pregnancy test.

While this is an extreme example of bad recruitment practices, many people have a negative story when it comes to getting hired. A recent study found that nearly 60% of job seekers have had a poor candidate experience and 72% of them have shared their experience on an employer review site such as Glassdoor.

Many companies fail to realise it’s their time to shine just as much as the candidate’s. The recruitment experience will not only influence whether someone accepts the job but also their brand perception and advocacy.

At Ruder Finn we look at recruitment as one of the key elements of the internal customer experience (ICX) in the workplace. It’s about companies thinking about employees before they’re hired and getting it right from that first interaction.

If companies want to hire the best, they need to attract the best and look beyond traditional ways of doing so. Does their job site mirror how they present themselves externally? Does the role description reflect the company culture? And does the interview set the tone for a future career in the business?

As the battle for talent continues, companies need to position themselves to identify, attract and then retain employees – and that’s not done with a pregnancy test.

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