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My top female empowerment campaigns – #InternationalWomensDay

As a communicator, I know that the media can make or break a campaign. And as a woman, I understand just how fickle and shallow the media can be (hello, sidebar of shame?). But media can truly be a force for good when used in the right way, with a number of high-profile female empowerment campaigns really opening our eyes to some of the inequalities and injustices we face as women.
So for International Women’s Day 2017, I wanted to share my favourite female empowerment campaigns – and I’d love to know what you think! Do you have any other favourites? Feel free to add your comments below.

‘This Girl Can’ – Sport England
Not only my favourite female empowerment campaign, but perhaps one of my favourite campaigns ever. Sport England truly nailed it with this multi-channel, real faces campaign and it’s no wonder that their campaign launch video has received over 37 million views on Facebook and YouTube alone.
One of my favourite things about this campaign was its reach and activation – it not only inspired a generation of women to believe in their abilities, it inspired them to show the world they could too. The poster submission campaigns and installations in prominent ad spaces around the UK was a fantastic touch. It’s really great to see the next wave of this campaign coming back around even harder and stronger than before and I’ll certainly be sharing this content for months to come.

#LikeAGirl – Always
Ah, the age-old tradition of insulting someone by referring to them as a member of the opposite – and weaker – sex. My brother used to do it all the time. Not on. Which was why this campaign from Always really stood out for me – it addressed some of the gender stereotypes we see starting at such an early age that then become embedded in our society – it’s so refreshing to see a brand turn this on its head and show that throwing/kicking/punching ‘like a girl’ was not something to be smirked at.

Ban the Bossy – Lean In/Girl Scouts of USA
I absolutely love the spirit and ethos of this campaign – encouraging women to speak up, be heard and stand by what they believe in. Today’s young women need strong role models and the message this campaign pushes really speaks to
The campaign received some bad press at the time, with many feeling that encouraging the banning of a word simply wasn’t enough but I disagree. Like the Always campaign, words and phrases really do embed themselves in our society – so why not stop the semantics in an effort to stem the behaviour?
Oh and of course there’s Beyonce. Who wouldn’t love this campaign?

#autocompletetruth – UN Women
Such a powerful campaign, and really does highlight the challenges that we still face in the 21st century in the fight for gender equality. The campaign itself sparked a global conversation on the topic; a controversial topic with some eye-opening facts that really utilised social channels well to extend its reach.

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