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The Ruder Finn Report: Taking internal communications out of its comfort zone

In 2016 we surveyed 100 internal communications (IC) professionals from a variety of industries, geographies, organisational structures and job functions. The survey revealed some of the key challenges faced by IC professionals today and explored the cumulative impact of these factors on the delivery of truly effective communications campaigns.

“Two thirds of IC professionals said their internal communications only engaged a small proportion of their total staff”

The Ruder Finn Report has been developed for internal communicators who are looking for ideas to transform IC in their organisations into highly effective communications that make a difference.


  • Key findings of the internal communicators’ survey
  • Affects of a risk averse environment on IC
  • How organisations perceive IC today
  • Recommendations to overcome barriers and key challenges
  • Ruder Finn expert opinion on how to increase the impact of communications


The report is available to view and download here



If you’d like to discuss any of the report findings or recommendations in more detail, please feel free to contact Laura Jameson, Internal Communications Director.

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