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Outspoken? Occasionally. But we prefer positively disruptive. We want to work with likeminded organisations and people.

So you want to be a writer? 5 rules to live by

It can be easy to slip into bad habits or forget some of the basics, particularly if deadlines are short and the topic is new.

So what simple rules can help to keep you on track? Here are five tips I find useful when drafting content.


Managing a Crisis: The Government’s Response to Tata Steel

Crisis communications is a well-established discipline within PR and Comms agencies. Working with big, industry-leading brands, it’s important to be ahead of any potential reputational threats. Heightened consumer awareness coupled.


Storytelling: how leading organisations are turning internal communications upside down (and how others can do the same)

Communicators of all stripes are fond of buzzword bingo, and ‘storytelling’ is one that has been bandied around more than most over the past year or two.  In many cases,.