Monthly Archives: September 2015

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Crystal ball time – what does the rise of Jeremy Corbyn mean for UK politics in the long term?

The rise and rise of Jeremy Corbyn shocked the Westminster commentariate to their core. Prior to his anointment as Labour Party Leader (it really was a coronation – although Jeremy might have a few reservations about that particular phrase) many well regarded hacks still thought uber-Blairite candidate Liz Kendall was in with a good chance. The electorate rejected left wing politics at the General Election they said – not so said the Labour Party membership.


Syria Global to Local – A Refugee Crisis Like No Other

The image of a young Syrian boy washed up on a Turkish beach features on the front page of most of today’s newspapers. A refugee who died fleeing conflict in his homeland for the safety of Europe is a powerful reminder that the world we live in remains in a constant state of flux and fragility.


What next for the Big British Castle?

In July, Culture Secretary John Whittingdale launched a ‘root and branch’ review of the future of the BBC. Rightly or wrongly, Tory governments are rarely trusted when it comes to the BBC.