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Outspoken? Occasionally. But we prefer positively disruptive. We want to work with likeminded organisations and people.
Over 50 women telephone switchboard operators and their supervisors. During this period (circa 1914), only young women (not men) were hired for this type of work at a Salt Lake City, Utah company. This photo was scanned from an 8x10 glass negative contact print.

Is technology taking our jobs? Plus this week’s digital round up.

Since the dawn of time, technology has been improving lives, and the rate at which this has been happening has only increased in the last century. Think about what life was like before the invention of computers, before the invention of the telephone, even before the invention of the wheel.


The rise of digital radio and other top news from this week’s digital conversation

It was announced this week that 40% of radio listeners now tune into digital radio. Can we expect a digital switchover in the UK within the next decade?


Five trademark names you thought were generic names

There are legally protected trademarks out there whose names are used routinely by consumers to refer to all the products in its corresponding category. The most commonly used examples of this include, Biro, the name Société Bic uses for what is officially called a ballpoint pen; and Hoover, the name that officially describes vacuum cleaners made by The Hoover Company.


Has tech made us unable to understand our needs? – And other digital news from this week you need know…

Just when you think you have everything you need, a digital solution to a previously unobserved problem presents itself. This is a system that’s particularly common in the mobile application world.

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Three useful tips to get your creative juices flowing

Don’t think you are creative? Creativity is a concept indolently confined to the arts. However, thinking that some people are creative and others are not is a misconception.Here are a few tips on how to stay creative…

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Gut feeling….five ways bugs boost health

Is bacteria all bad? Our Snr Media Strategist Emma Morton (former Health & Science Editor of The Sun) tells us the other side of the story…

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Why digital can help increase voting turnout and other digital news from this week you need to know

Find out how digital can increase the voting turnout and all the most important bits of digital news from this week.


Five key things PRs embarking on their first video campaign need to know

  So how important is using video for PR campaigns in 2015? According to Matthew Schwartz, the group editor of PR News, consumers watched almost double the branded videos in.


Digital round up of the week

In a world where digital technology lurks in every corner of our lives, it is difficult to get away from the trappings of its wonder.   Described positively as a.