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Web design for PR? Read the rules first

Here’s our latest Slideshare presentation on the web design for PR rules. More and more PR people are being thrown into the world of creative and web design with little.

drug development costs

A new price for drug development

PRs often have a problem with statistics. Or more accurately, experts rightly have a problem with how PRs use and abuse data. One controversial statistic over the years has been the average cost of developing a.

marketing soundbites FOM Econsultancy

50 useful marketing soundbites from Econsultancy

If you missed Econsultancy’s FOM last week, they have curated 50 pretty useful marketing soundbites. From Adobe on personas to Universal Pictures on using social data, there are lots of predictions and case.

mobile pr CIPRsm

Trends: mobile pr

How does mobile affect public relations? How does mobile journalism impact our approach to media relations? What can internal comms pros do to benefit from this trend? The CIPR’s social.