Monthly Archives: December 2013

Outspoken? Occasionally. But we prefer positively disruptive. We want to work with likeminded organisations and people.

Twitter: the virtual picket line

You may think that that micro message of 140 characters, sent into the ether as a meaningless mass of prose, is never to be seen again. Well you would be wrong..


All you need is: four 2013 trends that you may not know of

Do you think you know everything about digital in 2013? While everybody is wrapping up and revisiting this year’s major trends, Ruder Finn has decided to end the year by.


The 12 days of PR-mas

As we approach the end of the year I’ve been inspired to write about one of the great PR myths, and bravely debunk it – using the medium of Christmas.


ALL YOU NEED IS: The rise of paid content

Is content still the thing that matters the most on social media? According to Facebook, this may be no longer the case, as the social network believes that the reach.


How the new generation of doctors are trusting digital in healthcare delivery

For healthcare professionals, as for all of us, technology is now an essential part of everyday life. We accept that our doctor will use a computer to access our medical.