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ALL YOU NEED IS – Samsung’s new phone is a galaxy of fitness and health.


Ever heard of mobile healthcare? Big tech companies have and believe it’ll revolutionise the way we conceive and manage our fitness and wellbeing.

Mobile Healthcare, also know as mHealth, consists of mobile technologies allowing individuals to become more aware of their health and to play an important role in the prevention and management of certain conditions.

Here is all you need to know about digital-health, and much more:

Samsung has launched its new flagship smartphone and from a first look, it seems to be a product out of this galaxy.

With the Galaxy S4, Samsung is taking a more serious step into mHealth.

First of all Samsung’s S4 will have a built in pedometer for tracking the number of steps you take, as well as sensors that measure ambient temperatures and humidity in the room you’re in. These built in functionalities will constantly, and passively, produce data that will be sent to the S Health, a native app the phone will with.

In addition to the announcement of the phone, Samsung also announced a line of fitness bands, scales and heart monitoring devices. These will be compatible with the S-Health app on the smartphone to provide you with a constant ‘mobile’ monitoring of your health.


Samsung is known to be great at taking something that’s been done and optimising and mass-producing it with wide consumer adoption.

However, Samsung’s foray into the fitness accessory market is an example of leadership and shows that the age of mobile health devices has arrived.

Last but not least, S4 includes two new features that build on top of Samsung’s already-existing Smart Stay feature: Smart Scroll and Smart Pause.

Smart Stay keeps the screen alive and bright if the phone sensed you were reading or watching something. Smart Pause will pause a video if it senses you’re no longer watching it, and Smart Scroll will scroll your Web page up or down based on your actions.

Do you believe the new Galaxy 4 could become your best health buddy?

In conversation with her friend Chelsea Clinton, the Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg discusses the “ambition gap” women still face in the workplace, as they account to only 14% of the board, the same as ten years ago.

Men have often been identified as the cause of gender inequalities in the work environment but the time has come to ask ourselves whether women are holding other women back? Sandberg seems to believe so.

As she puts it, “that competition between women could be attributed to the “Queen Bee” phenomenon”. Just as there can only be one queen bee, many women might feel there is only room for one woman at the board table.

However, it’s important to take in consideration that not all work environments are the same, hence Sandberg does not represent the opinions of all women.

If you agree, or disagree, with Sandberg’s ideas join the conversation below and let other people hear what it means to be a working woman in 2013.

Want a TV but unwilling to sacrifice that perfect minimalistic balance in your living room?

With the idea to create an “object of desire” rather than just another TV, Philips’ designers have created a TV that looks like a seamless sheet of glass and matches almost any deco and style. The DesignLine TV supports Philips’ Ambilight technology, which delivers the ultimate TV experience by projecting light that matches the color of on-screen content onto the wall behind, giving you the feeling of a frameless image.

Unfortunately it will not be available in Europe till May, but here is your chance to take a proper look at it before it hits the shelves.


The amount of data about SXSW has nearly doubled year over year and this is proof to the fact that SXSW is no longer just an event where disruptive technologies are being launched, but it’s a mainstream festival.

But don’t worry if you couldn’t attend, as Altimeter has captured the highlights of this year’s SXSW.

Here is a snapshot:

A significant number of brands were present, including Samsung, Pepsi, Oreos, esurance, GE, American Airlines and Chevy. To cater to these brands, there were a number of enterprise software vendors including Oracle, Salesforce, IBM, PR agencies, and many social software startups.

Android curiosity is getting the better of early adopters, as many iPhone users were openly discussing their desire to “try the other side” and get an Android device.

Software innovation continued, but mobile enterprise was a star. Crowds lined up around the block to hear about mobile apps for major brands and to help people do their jobs.

Want to find out more about this year’s SXSW? Read the full article.

The demand for digital knowledge and skills is still on the raise. This is what a recent Econsultancy’s survey about most desired jobs, skills and salaries would suggest.

After surpassing CEO and Creative Director, Head of Digital is now the ‘most wanted’ job title.


However, while the demand for digital skills is still growing, salaries are not, or at least not as fast. Econsultancy shows that over one third (34%) of their survey respondents did not receive a pay increase in the last year, while only 26% of general marketers didn’t see a pay rise in 2011.


Does this mean that MDs and board directors are still struggling to understand the value that digital activities bring? What’s your opinion?

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