Monthly Archives: January 2013

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ALL YOU NEED IS… (28/01/13)

Just when you think you’ve found your favorite social network, you suddenly realise it will be of no use because it doesn’t have an app. That’s what happened to me.


All You Need Is… (22/01/13)

Welcome Ruder Finn’s weekly roundup of all things digital. It’s been quite a start to 2013 already, with online being blamed for the demise of the high street, among other.


ALL YOU NEED IS… (14/01/13)

In an economy characterised by innovation and disruption business success depends on speed, agility and ability to adapt to new situations. However, when constant technological innovation renders the big picture.


INSIDE mHealth – CES: the latest news on mobile healthcare

Struggling to stay up to date with what is new in the rapidly changing world of mHealth? INSIDE mHealth in the new weekly round up from RFI delivering the latest.


ALL YOU NEED IS… (07/01/13)

Welcome to 2013. Is this is the year digital will seal the bond with our economy? Not only will digital continue to grow in many industries but it will also.


ALL YOU NEED IS… (31/12/12)

2012 has come to an end but it wouldn’t be right to start the New Year without summing up the past 12 months. Here is my thought: all you needed in 2012 was.