Monthly Archives: August 2011

Outspoken? Occasionally. But we prefer positively disruptive. We want to work with likeminded organisations and people.

You cannot arrest an idea

This is cross-posted from my personal blog. The quote comes from the sole tweet left on the Twitter micro-blog account of LulzSec member Topiary. It also signals the likely start.


Shrink, Slash, Grow

David Maseng Will is a second year student at Princeton University who recently started a summer internship at Ruder Finn. Born and raised in Washington DC, he developed a passion.


The Google+ spam mystery

This is cross-posted from my personal blog. I’ve lurked on Google+ as the network hadn’t grown big enough for me to gain much use out of it. And then I.


A problem called Bing

This is reposted from my personal blog. When the latest Microsoft results came out one of the biggest drags on it was losses made by the company’s online services business;.