Monthly Archives: August 2010

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Ten web services I can’t do without

I started to think about the impact that connectivity makes in our daily lives, after one of my colleagues was worried about getting mobile broadband connectivity on a trip to.


Facebook places: in their own words

Facebook have released a video to explain the hows and wherefores of their new location-based service addition to the social network Godzilla. You could argue about whether this is sharing.


UK Aviation –Turbulent Times

Since the coalition government’s decision to rule out further expansion at Heathrow, Stansted or Gatwick, the often controversial subject of aviation seems to have taken a back seat on the.


Social media and Dave Packard

At the end of June I referenced Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard as forward-thinking managers when they founded HP. My thoughts turned to HP’s founders again when I caught up.


Jargon Watch: Asymmetric journalism

The Giga Om blog credits the phrase to the New York Times’ David Carr as a way of describing the relationship between Wikileaks and the mainstream media partners involved in.


Ten media I pay for

Information wants to be free has been the rallying cry of the greatest thinkers from the online world. It actually comes from a keynote speech that Stewart Brand gave in.