Monthly Archives: January 2010

Outspoken? Occasionally. But we prefer positively disruptive. We want to work with likeminded organisations and people.

Challenges for Google as its brand gets physical

Arun Sudhaman at PR Week contacted me last week with some questions on the communications challenges around the launch of Google’s Nexus One, the company’s first smartphone. He’s written an.


Marketing in 2010

Its a new decade, new paradigms and ways of reaching consumers nothing will be the same again. Now that I have your attention, I’d like to bring things down to.


Taking your name in vain

Imagine if you set up your own company and you named after yourself because you signed all your work. Over time your signature became the most valuable design asset of.


Success or Failure? David Cameron’s poster

On the 4th of January The Conservative Party launched their election campaign by releasing this new 15-ft wide poster, which is erected on 759 sites across the country. Already it.


The 2010 General Election is shaping up nicely

I read something interesting and provocative in PR Week today. It was an article outlining the views of different Directors of Public Affairs companies on David Cameron and Gordon Brown’s.


Take action

Technology has changed the face of campaigning over the past years and every month we witness a novel digital campaign. Gone are the days where I sit down with my.