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Why I like to Moo

In the Ruder Finn UK Corporate and Technology division we love Moo cards and we’ve been blogging about the images we use on the back of ours. Next in line is me.

Portsmouth's magnificant Spinnaker Tower

This shot above is of the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth. Hugely controversial at the time – should public money be spent on more worthy causes? – and only open to the public in 2005, it has swiftly become a Portsmouth icon. Like many people I have mixed feelings about the town where I grew up and I guess if I loved it that much I wouldn’t have moved out at the first opportunity. But the Spinnaker Tower does give me a sense of pride about Pompey, with its incredible design and the breath-taking views it provides.

Me in 1978

Next up is the obligatory childhood shot. I chose this one because, well, I think I look cool – resplendent in 70s knitwear and rocking my grandad’s hat, quite a look. I particularly like this because I can see the similarities between me and both of my daughters, it is quite uncanny.


This next shot looks about as close to paradise as you can get and the reality was the same. This is Mauritius, one of the most relaxing and beautiful places I have ever been. Its also where I proposed to my wife so its a hugely significant place to me, as well being one of the best holidays I’ve ever had.

The ten pounds I've ever spent...

This final one is very topical, with England having just beaten Australia in the Lord’s test match. This is my ticket from the final day of the Oval test in 2005, aka the day England finally won the ashes. As a cricket fan during the 80s and 90s I watched England suffer defeat after defeat against Australia, so this win was all the sweeter for the long wait. And the ticket was cheap too – far and away the best tenner I have ever spent!

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wow, blue skies in Portsmouth.

i know, looks almost tropical huh. The sailors fighting with students were just out of shot 🙂

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