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Mat’s Moo Cards Explained

So here at Ruder Finn UK we decided within the Corp/Tech team to personalise our business cards with photos and pics that mean something to us as individuals. Included were, favourite place, pet, best pic taken, pic of baby me,  and something funny. So far they have been well received with some people taking a long hard minute to decide which one they want, so I guess that’s positive.

Here are mine explained;

Favourite Place

Favourite Place - Queenstown

I went to Queenstown in 2003 during my gap year and had the best time ever. There is so much to do such as bungee jumping, paragliding, snowboarding etc and then there is the nightlife and parties which were all great. Plus the views aren’t too shabby either!


pet - george

This is George when he was a kitten. This little lad is a legend and enough said!

Best Picture taken


This is by the best picture I have taken. Again it was during my gap year of 2003 and the rocks near Krabi are some of the best in the world. If only the bloke to right wasn’t in it. But it reminds me of good times and a stunning place in Thailand.

Baby me


Me aged two-ish – Not much changed but I’m no longer blonde so does that mean I am having less fun?



Evil eye baby – Possibly the funniest thing ever

This baby loves to give people the evil eye look and then cracks up laughing afterwards. Cute and comical!

So there you have it a few shots that make up my life and things that make me laugh.

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a fine choice Mat, especially the rock near Krabi. I went there – Ao Nang – on my honeymoon and had a view of that rock from our bedroom, it is soooo gorgeous there!

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